The Wizard & The Jewel

A New Novel in the works

I thought it would be a day like any other. I would walk downstairs, feed Leonard my Banzai tree, write some case notes for my next patient, and get started treating my caseload until lunch. I made it through one patient before Laura, my good friend who knows my real life identity, came bursting in with a bleeding head. Her purse was stolen and I thought it would be no problem. I’d use some basic skills in deduction, throw in my magic, and we’d have it resolved before my next patient. I was wrong. Her mugging was no accident, and I am now on an unexpected expedition that has changed my life, and may even change the course of humanity forever…

I’m very proud and thrilled to be working on this new novel while my third novel in the Owen Hunter Series is still in edit-and-rewrite-land. In the meantime, Ionor Evard Morwen (‘Ev’ for short) came into my awareness and demanded that he share his most unusual story with me and the world. He promised a lot of magic and a big story I’d never thought of before. So I sit and take dictation from this fictional wizard and his adventure into mysteries, which include death, deception, and even war. When he’s done telling his tale through my fingers I’ll patch up the parts that don’t make sense, or where I failed him as a typist, and share his accounts with you.

And though I think this is a one off novel, he’s assured me there are other tales for other times. After all, he’s only 300, but that is more than enough storytelling for generations. He’s just giving me the most timely and relevant pieces to work with for now.

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