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Suffering your difficulties with cheer

I grew up around the concepts of dharma and karma. Dharma is one’s utmost righteous duty in life, but it extends to every action we undertake, every motivation we have, and every outcome of our karma. The words dharma and karma were thrown around since I was just a babe, I probably first really heard these words by the time I was 5 years old. 31 years later, these are […]

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Making Comparisons

The biggest error we can make in our life is ‘comparison’. Comparing yourself to someone else’s status or capacity in life is like drinking an evil poison when you do so from a place of lack. It turns into jealousy and enmity, and ultimately the worst of all: regretful hopelessness. I saw a meme recently that said, “Right now you’re living someone else’s dream while you dream of something else.” […]

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Dealing with Losses

I don’t think there’s ever an easy way to deal with loss. Whether it’s in our business or personal life, loss is something we really take notice of. With the experience of loss often comes a sense of being defeated. A defeat of time. A defeat for all the things we had hoped to do but never got the chance to, and on its heels like a moping child, is […]

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The Mindfulness Landslide

You probably can’t walk into any store where magazine racks stare you in the face and not see someone like Jon Kabat-Zinn or Pema Chödrön staring at you with knowing eyes and smiling faces. It’s because they know and they’re happy that they’re looking at you like that—as far as I can tell, there’s not much of an ulterior motive going on. So how long has mindfulness been around anyway? […]

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The Work works.

There are so many things in life that I’m sure I’ll never understand. One of the most interesting things I think I’ll never fully understand is the mind of a skeptic. I know that things which can’t be seen are a difficult pill to swallow. We have to rely on science to tell us whether things are empirically there or not. So let’s leave behind the things which science hasn’t […]

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