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Standing Rock

I’ve taken a stand with Standing Rock. Have you? Please scroll below this video for links to Banks that support or fully pay for this unnatural obstruction of our potential clean energy. A list of banks that are financially supporting the Dakota Access Pipeline and how to get in touch with them, courtesy of Yes Magazine. Wells Fargo* CEO Timothy J. Sloan 866-249-3302 Corporate Office: Wells Fargo 420 […]

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Post Election Rant

I don’t know about you, but I’m still in shock over the results of this presidential election. I’m mortified that more than a couple of people in my own family (blood relatives) supported Trump. They didn’t think racism or sexism or misogyny, or bad business practices were major deal breakers. They looked at their own interests. I know we all look at our own interests, but when it is at […]

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Now is the Time

This will be the first ever time in my life I have written a semi-political piece on my blog. So here goes. Now is the time to, for those of us who lost (I did vote for Hillary and wanted her to be my president) be steadfast in our vision of a greater world, a more peaceful and compassionate country, county, state, city, town, and village. That responsibility is up […]

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A lot to say. Not much to say.

As I get older (a phrase I never thought I’d say in earnest) I realize that I have a lot to say about life and other phenomena in general. It’s so much to say that I end up saying very little. Examining my reasons for remaining quiet shows me that the things I say would be unpopular, out of favor, and generally off-putting. The cure for this? The best outlet […]

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Sleepless in the Rain

Around 5 in the morning, most mornings, he showers in the dark, with only a nightlight plugged in to guide him. He shaves this way too, while in the shower. A ‘fog-less’ mirror suctioned to the shower wall. He must rub soft soap with delicate care along the surface of the mirror in order for the fog to remain off it. Why does he do this? The design of this […]

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Multiple Identity Order

When you think you’re one specific person one minute, but then think you’re an entirely different person the next–that’s multiple personality disorder. That is not the subject of this blog. Multiple identity order is something entirely different I want to call attention to. Because this is something we all experience whether we realize it or not. Identity and personality are not the same things. Your personality can be found in […]

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