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Ordinary Person

Would you be devastated if your whole life you operated under the assumption that you were special, a genius, only to realize you were simply ordinary. As I drove in to work this morning my eye caught the moon. I began to imagine that the moon had consciousness. It bore witness to all of mankind so far. From genius and truly special to ordinary and absolutely dumb. It also bore […]

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Current Project Report & Beta Reader Option

In a break from my political posts, I’m going to talk a bit about my current projects. There are 3 works in progress (WIPs) I have on my plate right now. One is the third installment in the Chloe’s Travels Series (Battle of Trygernon). For those of you unfamiliar, each installment is usually very short, about 30 to 50 pages each. Chloe wants to go home, to her universe, to her America. […]

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We The People

My whole life I’ve thought of myself as a free-thinker. I’ve never been especially political until the tail end of last year, when it became clear that a lunatic, misogynist, racist, hate mongering demagogue was attempting to become president of the United States. I think he aims to rule us all, if he can. He talks a lot about all these terrible problems ‘visiting our shores’, but I’m sure many […]

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The Competition for Reading vs Watching

Do you feel like you’d rather read or watch a story? Now that Netflix and Amazon Prime are apps on your phone, you might feel conflicted when waiting at the doctor’s office, at the auto repair shop, or anyplace else you find yourself with time to occupy not doing productive things. And in those rare cases (ha ha) you might be wondering if you should open your Kindle app or […]

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Meditation & The Worlds Within

There really is an ocean of story. I borrow the term, ‘ocean of story’ from the Indian mythos. If you think about it, we’re usually consumed with what television shows and books we’re reading lately. We ask our friends or acquaintances whether they’ve seen X, or read Y, often. Have you looked on Netflix lately? There are more movies and television shows and original shows by the company than you […]

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