The struggle is real.That's the meme everyone likes to repeat, isn't it? I hear people saying it for silly shit, 'issues' that aren't, you know, in actuality, issues. Our language is devolving into something I hardly recognize, and my soul laments! I need to read more books, all kinds of them. When I'm done reading … Continue reading Hodgepodge

Personal Excellence

I've been thinking a lot lately about why we strive for personal excellence. I've also been thinking that personal excellence is often confused with perfectionism. Because we're a curious species, I've been wondering why we bother striving for personal excellence (or perfection.) Obviously there's a mythos around personal excellence. Your religion tells you to be … Continue reading Personal Excellence


What don't we have enough of in our day to day lives lately? Connection. We are hyper-connected. Internet, social media, television, radio, smart phones and watches, and even billboards that light up with info. But what's missing? Connection. We can instantly know what our friends are doing anywhere in the world, even if they live … Continue reading Connection