The Trilogy On Hiatus

Whew, it's been a while. So much for my attempt at hand-writing posts. Oh well. And in that vein, I want to say that it is with a heavy heart that I am putting the Owen Hunter on a permanent (well, we'll see how long) hiatus. This isn't one of those serials that's doing anything.... Continue Reading →

How I Get My Ideas

I think the big question everyone has in mind for their favorite author is, "How did you ever get the idea for that story?" I'm not saying I'm anyone's favorite author. But I will tell you how I get my ideas for a story. Usually the idea arises from a confluence of emotions and thoughts... Continue Reading →

The Fresh Unknown

Once upon a time I held a larger audience spellbound with the kind of work I used to do. At that time I was big into auras and healing. I worked with that large audience mostly one on one. I cultivated a small following and got by on my entrepreneurial spirit and mystique. Fast forward... Continue Reading →

New Writers Forum

I just created a new writers forum. If you want to have a deeper discussion with me about writing, reading, writing-software you like to use for writing, anything at all, visit the new forum and sign up. It's free.Writers&Dreamers Forum Click Here

About a short story I just wrote

Yesterday after work I took a nap. When I woke up and sat on the couch for a bit I surfed YouTube and found a brief Interview with Stephen King about short stories. I've written short stories before, I have a steadily building collection of them, in fact, but something the man said struck me."Writing... Continue Reading →

To kill a character

Or why it's taken me 3.5 years to write the 3rd installment of this series.Death in fiction is an end to a cycle. Sometimes it can serve a purpose beyond its face-value. The main villain finally dies. A hero is made because he or she dies in the service of making sure someone more important... Continue Reading →

A tumult of a constantly shifting lens.

If you look up the word 'tumult' in the dictionary it paints an image of an angry crowd of people all milling about close to each other. Perhaps the day is hot, and everyone's talking over each other, shouting, disoriented and confused. That's a tiny snapshot of the world at large. An increasing number of... Continue Reading →

Taking Shape

Have you ever written an essay for high school, or worked hard to finish a paper for college? I bet you've done one or both and received feedback that you didn't like. That negative feedback often (not always) pushes us to learn from our mistakes and create something better next time. You might blame your... Continue Reading →

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