Scott Marmorstein

Author & Writer

Guaranteed Or Your Memory Back

Dan Strauss wants to impress his girlfriend. It’s summer, and all the cool kids in NYC are reading actual paperback or hardcover copy books. She thinks its sexy, and that’s enough to persuade him. Besides, he’s tired of reading only on his Kindle all the time. So he finds an off-the-beaten-path ‘Used and New Books’ store. Taking a chance on an unknown author isn’t something he would normally do, and when he seems hesitant, the owner of the store gives him an unbelievable offer. “You’ll like it or your memory back, guaranteed,” he says.
Yeah, right. Does the bookstore owner think he’s the Great Kreskin or something? Dan leaves with the book, excited about his purchase. From there, things go terribly wrong, and progressively get worse.