Inexplicably Disquieting

It went like that sometimes, laying there in the dark, a soft thud from another room. A room you know is empty. The thud so soft but so distinct you can only guess it's gravity pulling on clothes. But what clothes? You didn't leave any clothes in there to fall. So what was that noise?... Continue Reading →

Child or Children

[mks_icon icon="fa-envira" color="#000000" type="fa"] Davis was watching TV in the den, the Flinstones were on and he¬†loved the Flinstones. Often his mom would make him a steak he could enjoy while he watched it. Today his parents were busy, like most¬†every day. Only today wasn't exactly like every other day because a new kid came... Continue Reading →

A cry in the dark

They're in the apartment together, she's folding clothes on the bed, he's watching her, his arms crossed over his chest. Her long hair spills over her face with every bend, fold, and tuck. Now she looks up at him, her eyes glistening. "We're done right?" "What?" She looks away, then looks at the laundry, neatly... Continue Reading →

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