The Changes We Undergo

Change is the beating soul of our world, of our day to day lives, inextricably interwoven into the fabric of our being and consciousness. We rely on change nearly as much as we feel disgruntled, unnerved, and mistrustful of it. Our current political climate is such that change is happening at a more rapid pace,... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Person

Would you be devastated if your whole life you operated under the assumption that you were special, a genius, only to realize you were simply ordinary. As I drove in to work this morning my eye caught the moon. I began to imagine that the moon had consciousness. It bore witness to all of mankind... Continue Reading →

We The People

My whole life I’ve thought of myself as a free-thinker. I’ve never been especially political until the tail end of last year, when it became clear that a lunatic, misogynist, racist, hate mongering demagogue was attempting to become president of the United States. I think he aims to rule us all, if he can. He... Continue Reading →

Meditation & The Worlds Within

There really is an ocean of story. I borrow the term, ‘ocean of story’ from the Indian mythos. If you think about it, we’re usually consumed with what television shows and books we’re reading lately. We ask our friends or acquaintances whether they’ve seen X, or read Y, often. Have you looked on Netflix lately?... Continue Reading →

Standing Rock

I've taken a stand with Standing Rock. Have you? Please scroll below this video for links to Banks that support or fully pay for this unnatural obstruction of our potential clean energy. A list of banks that are financially supporting the Dakota Access Pipeline and how to get in touch with them, courtesy of Yes... Continue Reading →

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