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With each post, we've been trying to see how we can spark a conversation. And not just how, but what type of conversation. It's been an experiment, this virtual world. An experiment of riches and of failures. We've agreed and quarreled. We've touched on issues and shied away from them. Each day more and more... Continue Reading →

The Social (Media) Experiment

There are repercussions, consequences, and outcomes of using our speech that can be far less than favorable to our agendas and desires. What we say these days can be instantly spread to larger and larger circles of people with perfect fidelity. On the internet, there is no ‘whisper down the lane’. What you say is... Continue Reading →

Fresh Paint & Matching

So far I have published two major pieces in my canonical fictional works (to date).  The first in the series is called Pursuit, and the second in the series is called Plight. In the past I have made my own covers for these books because I didn’t have the financial means to get other artists... Continue Reading →

Wizards & Magic Publishing & Prevailing

I'm in the throngs of writing an epic modern day fairy tale about a wizard. I don't like to do things in any sort of 'traditional' way, so this particular yarn is going to reflect that fact. The Wizard in question is Ionor. The story is told from his perspective (first person perspective.) It's a... Continue Reading →

A World of Illusions

I'm a big fan of a well done illusion. The magician takes out a deck of cards, shuffles it, and does something that totally stuns everyone watching. It's unexpected. It's a fantastic illusion. It looks like magic. It's just well placed science and art, we know this intellectually, but our eyes deceive our brains. Sometimes... Continue Reading →

Inexplicably Disquieting

It went like that sometimes, laying there in the dark, a soft thud from another room. A room you know is empty. The thud so soft but so distinct you can only guess it's gravity pulling on clothes. But what clothes? You didn't leave any clothes in there to fall. So what was that noise?... Continue Reading →

Healing —The Early Days

I haven't spoken about this topic in a while. There's a story to our personal healing, and whatever that is or looks like for you, I think there are quite a lot of commonalities between the stories. Common threads, elements, and experiences. Most people know me as the guy who came back to life from... Continue Reading →

Child or Children

[mks_icon icon="fa-envira" color="#000000" type="fa"] Davis was watching TV in the den, the Flinstones were on and he loved the Flinstones. Often his mom would make him a steak he could enjoy while he watched it. Today his parents were busy, like most every day. Only today wasn't exactly like every other day because a new kid came... Continue Reading →

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