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I’m in the throngs of writing an epic modern day fairy tale about a wizard. I don’t like to do things in any sort of ‘traditional’ way, so this particular yarn is going to reflect that fact. The Wizard in question is Ionor. The story is told from his perspective (first person perspective.) It’s a challenge to write about magic in the modern world. But an even greater challenge is to thrust the main character into his original world which he had never experienced before. The rules there are different. The wizards there are also different. He’s used to living among us regular humans. He’s used to a lot of things because he has lived among us for nearly 300 years. 

Imagine taking Superman and having him only know cursory bits and pieces about his home world of Krypton. Then one day he gets pushed there before it’s destroyed. He knows only how to behave like a regular person, while his strengths are immense and his talents are impressive on earth, they are erased from his time on Krypton. He doesn’t really speak the language, he doesn’t know about custom or decorum, and that is just some of what’s going on in the story I’m writing about.

Why Write About A Wizard?

Aren’t wizards overdone? Haven’t we heard enough from these beings? Aren’t there about a bajillion books covering the trials, travails, and adventures of all manner of wizards? Of course not! We can never get enough wizards! Ionor is incredibly powerful right off the bat, brilliant and capable too. But when he’s brought to his homeworld, he has to dig deeper and learn even more about himself than he’s ever had to before. What’s so fun about this is that it gives a whole new meaning (in my mind) to character arch. The story is mostly straightforward with a few twists and turns. In a world of over-stimulating news and information overload, I like to dabble in the magic. Magic is also something specifically addressed in this newest piece I’m writing. 

Who couldn’t use more magic in their lives?

What about PREVAIL and OHS Book 3?

I’ve hit a slow down with the editing process. It’s all my own fault. It has to be right and what I’ve written and rewritten just…has not been on the mark. I’m not willing to put something sub-par out there for people to read just for a quick money-grab. This is my first serial novel and my first work of fiction. I don’t have any intention of sacrificing the artistry for the story or vice-versa. Sometimes a rough draft is written too hastily, and you lose sight of what the story is all about. I did that. So I’m undoing that by making sure every part of the story is consistent and flowing forward in a way that is surprising (in a good way) and entertaining, as well as (possibly) thought-provoking. 


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