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The Stirred Social Pot

The social pot has been deeply stirred and disturbed. We all have good reasons to be unhappy and upset. Thing is, you can’t live well by just raging. We can face the storm with peace and with humor and skill. The skill part is developing a space of peace and humor and yes even love in the face of tremendous hatred. Let’s remember that the stuff we are seeing now isn’t new. It’s just more readily available with the internet. Our “president” is a money (amongst other things, aherm ) grabbing nazi approver.

That’s a terrible realization. The only uptick of this administration is that it has forced us awake from our doze and brought us together moving towards more unity. Let’s make sure our voices aren’t panicky and inane. But as I was saying, let’s also be sure that we can still be decent normal, funny and creative. Without peace we can’t really focus our resistance. Without humor life is a bleak place with little point. Without recognition of love that holds all this together then we would already be lost.

Let’s hear some great jokes then!
I’ll start with a lame one and then you go.

“Boycott shampoo! Demand the real ‘poo!” -Steven Wright

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