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We The People

My whole life I’ve thought of myself as a free-thinker. I’ve never been especially political until the tail end of last year, when it became clear that a lunatic, misogynist, racist, hate mongering demagogue was attempting to become president of the United States. I think he aims to rule us all, if he can. He talks a lot about all these terrible problems ‘visiting our shores’, but I’m sure many of you reading this will agree with me when you say that every summer vacation you’ve gone to the shore and seen no blood-thirsty gangs or immigrants ready to chop our heads off. Have you? I haven’t, the shore is one of my favorite places to go in the summer for a little R&R.

You may be wondering why my website is so drastically different looking. Even my logo has changed. When the country changed yesterday, I changed with it. I changed my mind and my approach to a lot. Many people have said publicly that this is the first time in their life they’ve ever been so politically active. I’m right there too, as politically active as I ever thought I would be. My website now reflects nature, something I wish to preserve. It reflects calm, and order, which are values and qualities worth reminding ourselves about, and peacefully organizing around maintaining.

Yesterday I had the privilege and honor to march and stand with my wife and almost five million  men and women all over the world in peaceful defiance of this man whom I can only call Trumple Thinkskin. (I heard about this from my wife while she was looking at facebook on the way home from the rally in Philly, so I have no idea who coined that awesome phrase first, just know it wasn’t me.) And it wasn’t just defiance. It was a uniting of our voices that women are equal to men in all the ways that count but also superior (in my view) to men because they can make other people, because they can bear pain we can’t even imagine, because they have been compassionate and graceful while the patriarchy has held them down for thousands of years.

My wife and I at the Women's March in Philly, 01/21/2017 My wife and I at the Women’s March in Philly, 01/21/2017

Women everywhere all over the world, and men too, and LGBTQ, are raising their voices and will go unheard no longer. The world changes because people change, because nature changes. No one, not even this new ‘POTUS’ can actually take us backwards in time. Trumple’s words are just the pathetic sounds of a dog’s barking. The People will not resign themselves, nor give up a fight, nor turn a blind eye based on new laws that have been past. No. I submit that people will continually do the right thing to ensure a better planet. That people will risk more with their personal lives and their businesses to make sure people of all walks of life get a fair shake. I see cities uniting against Trumple’s ridiculous changes and forging their own laws and customs, and fighting for what they believe is right. In fact, many cities have already made such promises before Trump swore in to office. I see a mass resistance the likes of which has never been possible before in history.

While it’s true that history often repeats itself, it is also true that at no other time in history have The People been so united and coordinated with technology, with intelligence, with passion, and with so many great purposes to further. I see a world where The People start calling more shots in the absence of a leader who can properly perform the job at hand. I see people who are watching everything Trumple does very carefully, because they’re there with him, right in front of him, and waiting for him to make the wrong moves that threaten their lives and security. I see a world full of people not willing to allow yet another dictator. You may think I’m a dreamer, or a wishful thinker. But no, I am a free thinker. I am thinking about this with logic and with understanding.

It’s not prescience, the words I offer here, it is trajectory and momentum, it is faith in good people, and it is belief that no one person can undo what millions of people are against.

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