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Now is the Time

This will be the first ever time in my life I have written a semi-political piece on my blog. So here goes. Now is the time to, for those of us who lost (I did vote for Hillary and wanted her to be my president) be steadfast in our vision of a greater world, a more peaceful and compassionate country, county, state, city, town, and village. That responsibility is up to each of us, as we can not necessarily rely on it to be so from others we do not know. What just occurred is not some new evil in the world. This is an unearthing of the quiet ignorance, the forces of brutality, misogyny, racism and rigidity of not just Americans but of the people who call themselves that.

What has occurred before our very unbelieving eyes is a revelation of greed, mistrust, and ‘me first’ mentality. It has always been there, but now we can see just how rampant it is. Lest we forget it, all of these same characteristics and qualities are in each of us, even if we have overcome them mentally and emotionally in our every day lives, these are embedded in our DNA. We don’t get to say we’ve erased our ancestry from our genetics just because we know right from wrong. We don’t dispose of our demons, we live with them. Sometimes, if we’re successful and lucky, we knock them unconscious within ourselves, but they are always there.

So now is the time, with deep adversity staring us in the face, with our rightful sense of incredulity at this turn of events, to really embrace our ‘angels’, our refined qualities, our sweeter nature. Giving into reaction, to defeatism, to feeling like we lost, to eating whatever we want because we didn’t get what we wanted, that is a recipe, that is opening the doorway, to all the qualities and characteristics we now rail against.

All the worst stuff we do not like about humanity is revealed to us in startling high definition clarity. Our only job, the only adult thing to do, is to accept life on life’s terms, for right now. Accept the outcome, bitter pill as that is to swallow. And with that acceptance, double down our efforts to get in touch with all that is right and good and loving inside ourselves and reflect that back out to the world. Not just because it will make us feel better (it will) but because it is, in principle and in practice, the right thing to do, and because it will be good for anyone around us. I caution myself to safeguard against slipping into a depression, to giving up. Acceptance is not about giving up, it is about acknowledging what is and taking new steps to approach the world in a way we want to create it. This can only be done right now.

Whatever else happens, there are so many of us in this together, willing to do our part to raise the bar beyond where we set it originally. Now is the time to remember that anything can happen, that what happens now is up to each of us. It’s on each of those of us who voted for her to live up to and perhaps (perhaps) surpass the standards we sought to live under for the next four years.

The good things in our lives are the good things we make, so we need to start being a factory of good, of love, of compassion, of strength, of dedication to our dignity and perseverance. Now is the time to embrace with passionate arms the discipline that is required to shine the light of our conscious attention and will on our depth of character and our potential for excellence in all matters.

Now is the time to galvanize our spirits, to move forward from this moment onward with vision and purpose.

2 thoughts on “Now is the Time

  1. Be Love. Thanks for getting slightly political Scott. I have totally refrained from any political comments and have chosen to remember that God is within each of us, no matter how the drama unfolds.


    1. Thanks Suya. If we look to the ancient myths of India we do see that even the demons propitiated their deity to achieve powers. It was how they chose to use those powers on the world that colored their personalities and character. God may well be within each of us, but that does not mean all people reach for that sanctifying power, and indeed sometimes the bad wins out. It’s what those of us left do with the goodness in our hearts that matter most now.


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