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Multiple Identity Order

When you think you’re one specific person one minute, but then think you’re an entirely different person the next–that’s multiple personality disorder. That is not the subject of this blog. Multiple identity order is something entirely different I want to call attention to. Because this is something we all experience whether we realize it or not. Identity and personality are not the same things. Your personality can be found in all your various identities. So let’s cut through the confusion and dispel any misnomers right now.

Multiple Identity Order Includes:

  • You’re a mother/father
  • You’re ______ sexual orientation
  • You are _____ gender
  • You’re ______(insert racial concept here)
  • You do art (artist)
  • You teach (teacher)
  • You’re good with your hands (construction worker, mechanic, inventor)
  • You’re an officer
  • You’re retired
  • You’re employed
  • You’re an employer

Are you all or some mixture of the above? Don’t you think, based on the above you’d have to be some mixture of the above? That’s multiple identity order. For example, I am a writer of fictional novels and non-fictional blogs (and spiritual books). I work at a grocery store, so I’m also an employee. I’m a step-father, and a man. This also puts me in the category of artist and entrepreneur. Are all of these things at odds with one another? I guess it depends on how you look at it. The bottom line is, feeling in conflict with multiple identities could get confusing at times, sure, but it doesn’t mean one’s personality needs to change. It means perception around these things needs to change (if you’re feeling confused or anxious about it.) I know I’ve been confused or anxious about these different identities in my own life many times over, associating personality with different types of identifies and never being able to change my character to ‘suit’ one or the other identity. Which, thankfully, just means I’ve been myself all along.

The best advice I ever got, which I’ll share with you here, is to enjoy all the different facets (and hey, if you have the gumption, share all those facets) that comprise your identity while exploring and expanding your personality. One of the things I’ve been wanting to do this year is explore a role I’ve had in the past as a teacher or communicator of some of the esoteric arts. This would include some of the things I’ve written about in my book, A Sparkling Aura ~ A Sparkling Life. I’ve found some pretty neat platforms online that would allow for ongoing classes at one’s own pace, wherever one is in the world. And if you’re so inclined, I’d be interested to know you’re thoughts in the comments below this post. Additionally, I’ve been super focused on editing my 3rd novel, considering writing a new non-fiction book, and weighing the potential for said online course.

I’ve also added coaching to the lineup of work I do–if you’ve had sessions with me you know I’ve always done this. So what I think you’ll notice is that on my personal website I’m displaying several identities. If there’s been any awkwardness around this I’m happy to dispel it here and now. We all do so much in our lives, go by different identifications while maintaining the fidelity of our personality, and this is, I think, the way it should be.

Lastly, and honestly I can hardly believe you’ve read this much, I wanted to acknowledge my mother. Yesterday was the 6 year anniversary of her passing. She is the one who taught me most of what I ever knew about auras and chakras, spirit guides and angels etc. I took much of what she taught me and, true to any student’s ambition, took it further. Even she was amazed at what I had uncovered during those years. Much of that is now faded in the background for me, but her love was strong enough to encourage me to explore all areas of myself and express whatever I wanted.

If you had a mom or dad like that, you’ll know that they would want you to be yourself and share as many of your good qualities and capacities as you could. Thanks to the Internet (and this website), I can do things like that.

One last thing. Over the years so many of you have shown me support and solidarity. You have prayed for me when times have been tough, and you’ve sent charitable donations, bought my books or other services, and have genuinely enriched my life by your presence and voice. For this, and more; the impact you’ve had on me, I say thank you very much!

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