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The Work works.

There are so many things in life that I’m sure I’ll never understand. One of the most interesting things I think I’ll never fully understand is the mind of a skeptic.

I know that things which can’t be seen are a difficult pill to swallow. We have to rely on science to tell us whether things are empirically there or not. So let’s leave behind the things which science hasn’t said “yay” to. Like ghosts, an afterlife, or the effectiveness of snake oil as a cure-all.

Let’s instead talk for a moment about healing energy. Healing, itself. The body is healing itself all the time. In a state of self-repair, and we call this repair homeostasis. I can definitely see how it would be difficult or impossible to accept the veracity of someone’s claim that they can wave their arms and hands over you and make you feel better if you are sick, or wounded, or otherwise injured. If my leg was broken I wouldn’t go see a Shaman priest to make it better. I’d go to the doctor like anyone else with a rational mind. Call me grounded in that level of reality.

But it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t also go see a reiki or energy healing practitioner. Allow me to explain my thought process on that. Do I think the healing is ever coming from them for my benefit? Do I think that the healing is coming from me when I work with others? No, absolutely not. I can positively say that the healing energy does not come from a person, place, or object. However, people places, and objects can and sometimes do act as ‘way stations’ of collected energy and power.

My own work, when I work with people, shows near-immediate results. When I put my hands on someone and do any sort of work, compression manipulation massage, or just plain good old fashioned healing/reiki work, they claim to feel better. Now I’m aware the whole time that the healing is not coming from me, I’m clear that I’m just another ‘bozo on the buss’, but I am equally clear that the work is truly moving through me, the healing energy that is.

How does that work? If we take the claim of science that energy can never cease to be and is recycled infinitely in various forms, then energy is not only all-pervasive, it is literally the foundation of everything we know and everything we do not know. Science also dictates that when we observe something, we change it by the mere fact of our observation.

In my line of work, observation and intention are amplified by our being together, and a radical shift occurs in the client, blockages are cleared up, and a person (the person on the table) suddenly feels better. I do not use the word ‘miraculous’ because I believe in time science will put more pieces of the healing puzzle together for us and explain in greater detail how it’s done. I don’t personally need to know ‘how it’s done’ to know that it gets done anyway. My clients don’t leave one of my sessions feeling worse than when they came in. Try explaining that to a skeptic. And I’ve worked on skeptics, hardcore ones, and they had no choice but to admit that whatever I did was working, and that indeed I was no charlatan. I put great effort into all the work I do. Can it be explained? No, perhaps not fully, but we can allude to it, in somewhat the same way we can allude to there being some kind of Source or Power or God.

Whatever else you want to call it, the work works—period. At least it has for me and the thousands of people I’ve worked with over the years.

I’m ready when you are.

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