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6 Year Anniversary

It’s not exactly today, but this month marks the 6 year anniversary of my death and resurrection to the land of the living. Death by heart attack and heart failure. Life by sheer dint of will and medical marvels and perseverance. I’m celebrating my second wind of life by creating as many projects as I can to pass on what I know now to everyone. Whether it’s in fictional or nonfictional format doesn’t really matter to me so much, it’s just the act of creating and offering that brings real juiciness to my life.

Photo by RomoloTavani/iStock / Getty Images

By Pema Chödrön

If you’re waiting for some other time in your life to pursue your dreams, you’re going to wait forever. I can guarantee it. Life is short. What gives it meaning is what you give back to this world. Everything else pales in comparison. All the ways I’ve acted selfishly with my time and my resources over the years has never felt very good. The more I create and offer back out, whether it is met with anything like ‘success’ or scorn, the better I feel.

Pema Chodron has a book called ‘fail fail again fail better’. It’s completely apt for those of us who are artists, healers, creative-types. I think it’s apropos for literally anyone in this world, to be honest.

My celebration today, which is an arbitrary day to celebrate, is all about how I failed first and succeeded right after. Heart failure led to living success. Living itself is success. And creating something, no matter how challenging, or messed up it is, is its own success.

Choosing to live is success.

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